Our partners

University partners

We are co-creating curriculums for senior high school years with universities and industries around the world. This is providing an authentic and real life education where we may align the education with the future of work and best prepare our students for their futures. VIE Education is constantly seeking the best possible institutions to partner and develop new and exciting courses with.

VIE Academy and Swiss Education Group 

VIE-Academy is an IB approved online course provider for 16-18 year old students. We develops online career related studies which may be run alongside other curriculum such as the IBCP, A-levels or AP. The first Career Related Study developed by VIE was  co-developed with the Hotel Institute Montreux (Member school of the Swiss Education Group) allowing any student in the world, who completes the CRS in their high-school, to benefit from the advanced standing and credit recognition towards Swiss Education Group hospitality schools, providing direct entry options into the second year of their Bachelor Degrees. If you are a school and looking to implement the VIE curriculum or a student who has completed a VIE CRS, you may contact us to find out more on info@vie-education.com.  


Montreux International School and Swiss Education Group 


Montreux International School (MIS) is an IB world school and was launched in September 2021. It is the first school in the world to solely propose the IBCP as a curriculum for 16-18 year old students. They are also the first school in the world to become members of the Institute of hospitality. If you are passionate about hospitality and wish to complete an IBCP in an innovative high school, then MIS is the place for you! On successful completion of the Career-related Programme in hospitality and business at Montreux International School, students will receive “advanced standing” of up to 1 year on any Swiss Education Group bachelor's degree offered by the four SEG hospitality schools (listed below) providing them with unmatched direct entry opportunities. With all of Swiss Education Group's higher institutions ranked in the top 10 worldwide by QS rankings, this is an incredible opportunity for young talent graduating from Montreux International School. Want to find out more about careers in hospitality? Get in contact with our partners at SEG, their admissions team will be delighted to inform you further. 

MIS graduates are also free to pursue alternative further or higher education pathways with other providers or enter directly into employment.

Throughout their studies, students will have the opportunity to explore and complete some of their learning at each of the five SEG schools.

Our partners include:


Montreux International School and EU Business School

MIS and EU Business School Montreux (EU) are delighted to announce that they have signed a partnership agreement. Through this agreement, EU becomes the official partner for business and digital marketing and will offer courses to students from MIS. EU will deliver courses in marketing management, advertising, media and branding to MIS students. MIS students who successfully complete these courses will automatically receive credits upon entering EU’s bachelor’s programmes on its Geneva, Montreux, Barcelona and Online campuses. In addition, MIS students who complete and receive their IBCP diploma will be eligible for preferred admission to EU’s bachelor’s programs.


Montreux International School and International University Alliance

Montreux International School (MIS) is proud to be a member institution of the International University Alliance (IUA). Sponsored by Shorelight, the IUA is a global network of premier higher education universities working together based on a shared commitment to excellence, opportunity and student success. The collaboration between MIS and the IUA will expand opportunities for all MIS students.



School partners

We are partnering with schools around the world to offer them access to our industry and university partners to support the development and progression of their students. As part of this partner network, schools will have the opportunity to attend virtual and physical events, conferences, professional development workshops and submit entries for VIE Education school prizes.

Prestigious partnership with Institut Monte Rosa

Montreux International School (MIS), opened in September 2021 and partnered with the prestigious Institut Monte Rosa, one of the longest established boarding schools in Switzerland.

Located in a country renowned for outstanding boarding provision and education, the partnership strengthens the offering of both schools. MIS will share facilities with the Institut Monte Rosa, which is housed in the Château d’Arvel, a modernised 19th century mansion in Territet, offering day school and boarding provision for its students.

Industry partners

Montreux International School (MIS) has an industry partnership agreement with Swisspreneur, the non-profit on a mission to promote and advance entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

The team at Swisspreneur, including 11 business experts, with decades of experience between them, will support the development of pre-university educational programmes at MIS based around investment and entrepreneurship, forming the career-related study aspect of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Programme (CP). 

As part of the new industry partnership, Swisspreneur is sponsoring five scholarship places at MIS for the upcoming academic year, for young people who have entrepreneurial flair and wish to pursue a career in Business & Hospitality or Business & Digital Marketing.

Montreux International School and Tutorplus

Montreux International School (MIS) is proud to enter into a partnership with Tutorsplus. Continuously striving for perfection, MIS maintains and builds upon its current provision by seeking out the best possible partners in order to provide top quality teaching and a safeguarded home for their students to thrive in.

With Tutorplus as a partner, MIS may now ensure that any student will have access to extra support when needed. Tutorplus has a fantastic network of highly experienced and qualified teachers and tutors available at short notice. MIS is delighted to be able to partner with Tutorplus. 

Montreux International School and Institute of Hospitality

Montreux International School (MIS) is the first High School globally to be approved for membership to the Institute of Hospitality (IoH).

The IoH is the world’s leading professional body for hospitality professionals with a vision to inspire hospitality professionals to perform at their very best and earn the recognition they deserve. Its Education Membership Scheme offers the hospitality, leisure and tourism departments of universities and colleges, the opportunity for students and staff to benefit from access to specialist resources and networks. MIS is now the first school in the world to join this prestigious membership scheme.