Our philosophy

VIE schools are co-educational international schools for students, aged 16-19 years old. We are committed to an education philosophy that is both innovative and experiential, combining rigorous academic study, with authentic hands-on industry learning and service.

Education experts agree that conventional education, which teaches familiar disciplines - reading, writing, arithmetic – for academic achievement judged by high-stakes assessments, is not a good fit for now or the future. We understand that what’s essential and worth learning, is far broader than this. Future Wise: Educating Our Children for a Changing World’ by David Perkins, describes six ‘beyonds’ needed to transform education. This aligns with VIE’s philosophy and approach, which balances academic excellence, personal and professional development, with rich, relevant, international and intercultural learning opportunities for each individual student. All of this is delivered within an established, friendly and supportive learning environment. It is also reflected in our name, VIE, which is derived from the French word for ‘life’ and the English word meaning ‘challenge’.

Our educational approach harnesses technology in a highly structured and blended curricula, which emphasises academic rigour alongside development of high-level technical skills. The world-class qualifications earned at VIE schools will lead to exciting further and higher education opportunities and career pathways with internationally renowned university and industry partners.

The student experience at VIE schools is varied, diverse and engaging, and promotes enquiry and problem solving within interdisciplinary settings and longer learning blocks. Students learn through the application of skills and knowledge and will be able to draw meaningful links between subject disciplines and the real world.